Lord.... You're Holy

As I sit here in my lazy boy, arm propped up, stomach full of corn beef hash.... I'm feeling at rest. This past week was one full of ups and downs... but plain busyness. Yet now i'm sitting still. Davy Flowers in my hearing worshiping.... inviting me to consider the beauty of my Savior. I'm still.... present. Thankful!

And I'm here with my gram who was just released from the hospital 2 days ago. Percocet has become her comforting friend and the father has become her peace. I'm so thankful she is still her! And we are still...

Wooster Community Hospital vs University Hospital.... New prayer request before the Lord!
Father, I trust you and I know that you will direct my path in you! Be glorified!

My 24th Birthday

O what a day that has yet to begin. Here I sit waiting for others to arrive and for the festivities to begin... but in these few moments I have prior, Lord I want to tell you that I love you. 24 years... what a number. And while i've only been walking as your child for 8 of those, I feel as though you have been every piece of me. The very wire that's held me together. The touch of Grace. The still small voice in mt ear. I simply love you......

Father :) Today was a rainy day. As the birthday calls rolled in from my family, some that felt forced and some that were heartfelt, I was pricked at the heart of how I should look solely upon you and not expect others to celebrate this day the way that I see fit. Help me to see how the thought is what matters most. Then I smile much bigger as you've blessed me with such a wonderful Best Friend who has celebrated with me and in times when I didn't feel like it, celebrated for me! And of course my wonderful sister Edrea :) O how much of a joy it was to hear her voice!!!!

My Lord :) With all of my heart, I thank you for the life you've lived in me. Today, I thank you for loving, liking, adoring and caring for me. Father, I wouldn't have made it without you. 24 yrs... 24 yrs.... Lord, there's been many tests and trials but none of them compare when I stop and feel your warm hand wrapped around heart. Your love holding my hand :) I'll never stop loving you. I give you the next 24 yrs of my life.... just to spend one day with you :)

You have my heart, take and use it however You desire :)

Recovery Time....

Ooooo those moments when a wound has been done. When a struggle has occured....

A full spread.....

With All Energy....

So here I am.... on my couch with a stuffy nose, wet hair and a tired body. Mentally my mind feels dull with a lack of knowledge. Physically I'm a bit tired from this stinking sinus infection. Lastly spiritually I feel... like the fire has totally been put out.
Just a week ago I was in Kansas City Missouri, experiencing the tangible presence of God like I hadn't in a long time. Sorround ed around 15,000 others who were passionately praising Jesus and laying at His feet. We were all on one accord and as the Body of Christ we interceded in a way that I never have before ..... God you revealed to me revelation after revelation after revelation and then I came home.
It's seemed silent here.... Rather the only thing I can here is the blowing of my nose. Why Lord?  Why don't I feel like doing anything special in your pres3nce? Why am I content with reading your Word alone?  What within me has shifted?
I convince myself that you are saying rest and prepare for your last 3 months beloved...... but Lord I want to meet with you! I don't want to go back to school feeling tired. I want to go back prepared for the battle!
Can I ask that of you Lord? That you would please return my physical energy so that I might be able to prepare in my Spirit to meet with you at the battlefield!
I anticipate you are going to do great things: I want to be able to loft my hands win all strength!
I love you Jesus.... you are the lifter of mu head!

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