Day 1: Distractions

As I sit here before the Lord.... before the world. before the noise I am brought to the understanding that there are so many distractions that try to take my attention. For instance, the trash truck has spent the last 15 minutes or so (at least that's how it feels) going down my street. Making a noise that's seems so much louder when i'm trying to stop and dwell in the presence of God.

Then there's that over bloated mind that won't stop thinking. Thinking about what?

  • The iPhone I will be purchasing today for $75. Such a wonderful deal but also a finance thief
  • Called State Farm and had to move my automatic deduction date till the end of May. The 30th to be exact. They said they will have to just place the account on suspension until its paid. My what a weighty word.
  • The scholarship foundation that I was with are no longer doing scholarships... so funding for academia is now strained
  • Thinking of how to pay back my Best Friend her $69 from my next check... when I don't even know how much will be in there?
  • Paying a monthly phone bill of $55 now instead of the $20 that I paid sometimes
  • Car insurance $39, Phone bill $55, Gas..... Life
That little thing called life is starting to happen and I am starting to need that extra cup of trust. Father, please help me to make good, wise decisions. I'm not asking for handouts, but what I need more than ever is just to be in your presence..... All these things I have listed are my distractions :) From my brain to this blog, may I now focus on the giver of All things :) I love you. I need you. I want you Jesus! Here I am to worship!
The Cares of this world won't stop me :)

Today's Reading:
Acts 10---- Peter called to go to the house of Cornelius

  • Peter is staying at the house of Simon the Tanner
  • He receives a vision of a sheet of all different kids of 4-footed animals and is told of the Lord to eat (For he'd fallen asleep or into a trance hungry)
  • Peter refused to eat a total of 3 times (Interesting correlation with the number 3)
  • Cornelius, a devout God fearing man receives a vision to send for Peter. Sends 2 men
  • Peter leave with the two men and return to Cornelius's house 
  • Cornelius reveals to Peter His vision
  • Peter shares the gospel with Cornelius and his household and they receive the Holy Spirit.
  • They begin to speak in tongues and are baptized in Jesus Name
Praise God :) 
Now Lord, what does this mean? Are you saying that this is the way of Salvation? Or did you allow the gentiles to speak in tongues that the Jewish people might know that you are able to save the gentiles in the same way you saved the Jews? Lastly Lord, are you able to save in other ways? Through other gifts?

" Stand up, for I am only a man like you" ~ Acts 10:26


Hmmm.... Sin

Sin. Pecado. Lawlessness.... Father why must we struggle with such a horrible inheritance? Why can't we ever get it right? Why do I disappoint you so often? And myself? I'm not quite sure the answer to any of these questions... so once again I must rely on your Grace!

    But there is this one sin that haunts me. A sin of the past and present that continues to tempt me. Overtake me. Overcome. So often I have prayed that you would deliver me. Set me free. But it seems as though this one is written in my DNA. I've tried rebuking the tempter, speaking scripture, pleading with you... but my mind won't rest. Father, as you have extended Grace to me all of my life, will you please continue to.... but also share with me what I must do to rebuke satan? So often i feel like a victor of the chains You break off of me, but then others I feel so much bondage.

   Regardless of how I feel, I thank you for your unfailing love. That's all i have ever been able to lean upon. So once again, I will rest with a heart that is repentant, yet urging and expectant of the work your hands will do!

Savior.. Please :) I can't keep moving forward. This is the thorn in my side.

Ancestor of Paul

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