Lord... Guidance Please

Sometimes I honestly laugh at the way things seem to occur in my life. Your timing. Father... I love you more than life itself. As I have had many moments to recount my life its hard for me not to smile as I recall the truth of your greatness. Your love unto me has been more than I could ever expect from any human being.... and yet one has stepped into my life that claims to love me for who I am in you.

How do I take that Lord? In my heart, I know you have prepared me. You have tested me. You have shown me how to love you before and after everything. My life in you is not what I am questioning the most... but my life with this man who loves you with all of his being is what I am asking of you. Is now the time? Father, you know my desire.... and he, Willie, is my desire... but more importantly.... you are my first and my last. If you say no :) I will step back.

As you know, tomorrow, 12/26/2013, i will be beginning my fasting to seek your face for these questions below:
1. Have you called Willie to be my husband?
2. Is this timing when you have called us to be together?
3. Am I whole in you?

Father :) I believe obedience in you is the most important thing. I will not compromise. I believe you will answer :) You are my father and I know you will lead and guide me. Please Lord don't leave me without your voice. I will not move until you say so!

I Love you! Your daughter, Otisha


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