I've been thinking!!!!

Do you ever stop to think of all the failed tests that led to life learned lessons? A deeper passionate walk with your Savior Jesus Christ? Freedom in Him!!!! A new name? A testimony! A Second chance? I too have been thinking :)

I'm trying....

I am trying so hard not to hate myself right now but after seeing that number on the scale I feel defeated :( Lord, this is your temple and I have failed you. Forgive. Lord it's so hard to make exercise apart of my weekly routine, or even to make quick meals healthy. I truly just want to lift my hands up and say forget it .... But there's that small peace of me that feels obligated to care for your design. Lord, I'm stuck. I need your help. I can't do this alone :( I just can't make it.

Father, I don't want to carry this insecurity around all today and so I commit once again to turning it over to you. Somehow, some way, I will get to the weight room today. Lord I need motivation! Please help ! I'm begging of you.

I love you and I want to be ready for when you come. Mind, Body and Soul!


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