Today starts the first day of my final week at camp Burton.... And I already feel  defeated. Pushed up against a wall. Beaten up on. Jab 1- Staff member getting sick. Jab 2- Swat hitting head, anxiety provoking on her end. Jab 3- previous nurse comes in to assess situation and recommends what I should do. Jab 4- finding out that the med that I was pushing so hard against May must be the med that we need here.

So I'm just feeling inexperienced and inferior for this position. And quite honestly Lord.... I'm tired of satans attacks not just on me but also me team. Father, please fight our battles against satan and please bring healing!

Also please help me to love on Sarah D!   Its all about glorifying you!  Love you so much 😃


Lord in this moment I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for a testimony!

Testimony nights here at Camp Burton are always my favorite! For these past 3 years I have been able to sit and watch, with full support, your hand at work within your 4-5 counselors. It's humbling but truly it blesses me to know that my ministry and purpose is to fully support your church and my brothers and sisters.

But tonight I sat in awe as I watched Carmal, Victoria and Heather, for the third second time share their testimony. God.... You have truly grown and transformed them to be beautiful women with your heart! I'm so pleased to have been a witness. And to top it off, you have also brought us two equally awesome women from the Ukraine who love you! God.... Thank you so much for all 5 testimonies that were so eloquently shared tonight!

Which brings me to my moment of praise. Lord I know I'm not who I was last year! You're transforming my heart and shaping it to beat and crave more of you! I know sometimes I become shaken and distracted by the voice of my heart, please forgive me. But two things remain true: you saved me, and I'm not going anywhere! Thank you Jesus :)

Lastly I want to simply write down some things that have been on my mind...
- Lord are you opening the door for me to move to Wooster or is this just something that I've thought of on my own?
- Should I be looking to move or start working July 8?
- When would be a good time to retake my test?

Lord..... I have no idea of what any of these answers are ..... But I trust you :) And I know you will lead me :) You always have and you always will! Thank you for today :) Night!


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