Intimacy with You o Lord!

Thank you father for your sweet words. For your touch of comfort. For your kiss on my right cheek. Thank you for showing me that it is only you that can love me the way I truly need to be loved. Jesus Christ I am content with you alone as my companion. Today I want to make a vow before you. I know with all of my heart Jesus of who I am in you. You say that....
· In you I am beautiful
· I am strong
· The apple of your eye
·The recipient of your unmerited love
· I am yours and yours alone

Jesus, my prayer is that you would continuously remind me that I am your Bride. That I would not rush into any relationship. That I wouldn't act any other way to impress a man.... Jesus I am tired of trying to impress men. Lord, forgive me. You know my desires.... But my first love will always be you. I am content. I release my hands off of this situation. Lord, manifest my future however you may. Please help my mind not to daydream. Help my mind remain pure. Help me to fall solely in love with you Lord. I am your women!

Post a few days!

Dayspring team has come and will be leaving tomorrow morning.... All I can say is wow! Wow wow wow. Jesus you have done so much through this team... To list a few
· you healed a woman who had been diagnosed long ago as blind with no hope
·you allowed women to feel a sense of beauty again
· in this week alone you brought 191 people into a relationship with you. Not only with the churches but also with Mark Scholtz. Jesus, thank you for filling him with your Precious Holy Ghost.... God you are the maker and creator of All things!
     Jesus, I am continuously humbled at your works. I choose to continuously decrease that you may increase. Lord, thank you that we have the power to plead your name over every temptation, trial and mindset... If it wasn't for your blood! I continuously stand in awe of who you are. In Jesus name, amen

When Praise Goes Up!

Tonight we had an amazing time of worship unto God! I can't even put it into words... It was truly a time of declaration and gratitude and rejoicing!!!! As a matter of fact, Mark Scholtz, one of the men on the Dayspring team, accepted the Lord today... God you are so amazing! Thank you

To see your hands move...

Lord, these past 2 days have been absolutely amazing! Not only was I able to share with people the good and not so good things about their health, but I was also able to witness the salvation of 3 men.... Luiz, luiz and Alberto, our 3 bus drivers. Lord I saw what you did Jesus. I remove myself from the picture.... I am your vessel. O how I am going to miss Manantial de Salvacion :(

Lord may your presence and healing continue to flourish in that place! Encourage and bless the pastor and His first lady... As well as the saints. I have seen a new level of love today. One lady actually went back to her home around 2 only to come back around 5 having cooked me a full meal with chocolates inside. Lord, it wasn't about the food.. Its what you are showing me! What a true servant looks like :) Please continue to make me into a servant Senor!

I love you with my everything! With All of me

Saturday :)

Today was a great day! Full... We got to travel to the aureoporte to pick up the 4 teams coming in from buffalo, dallas and oklahoma- when the Lord brings them He truly reaches every corner of the world! Great fellowship! Tomorrow we head to the marketplace. Thank you Lord for another day :)

Day one of ministry!

Wow, there are no words to describe all the Lord did within this one day! O how he delights in humility and gratefulness! Absolutely amazing

In a foreign land!

Sometimes I think about the place where I am and I wonder if its just me. Alone to do a mighty work for the Lord. Set apart to silence my soul, my heart , my voice. 'Try your best to live a quiet life before men....' But in my quietnes, I still desire intimacy with my brothers and sisters in Christ. There is no fellowship like that of like spirit!
Lord, I look forward to this day! Our first day out! I don't know what to imagine, but I know you will do amazing things. I decrease that you may increase! You are worthy!

" Psalm 62: 6"

"He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, i will not be shaken"

This morning i awoke at 10:15, give or take a few seconds and i stretched out my wings and my legs and counted to ten.. then i said "Good morning Jesus"... Cleared my throat and said it once again.... I then proceeded to turning my computer on, opening my bible and heating up my three packets of oatmeal 'Peaches and Cream'(did i need that much, no!!!!! I just felt super hungry) After my computer had begun, i turned on my Joyce Meyer podcast and listened to 3 sermons called 'What's been on your mind'...
One hour later, i finished and it was so amazing. She spoke on having a mindset that lived above the ground. She said that the way be live our lives in the wilderness will determine just how long we will be there.... That guarding our hearts isn't just a one time thing, but its something that we are forced to do repetitively!!!! And the list just goes on and on!!!
So in saying all that, i had an amazing quiet time this morning, and what i took from it all was that when the wilderness forces itself into our lives, which it will, because Satan wants to steal our joy, those are the moments when we must tell Satan that he is a liar and we have the victory!

Ok.... if you know me, i am a happy person... truthfully! Not much scares me, or saddens me or causes me to give up.... though i am not saying that sometimes i don't have to rebuke satan! Because i do!!!
But, being here at Ursuline College has been amazing, i love this school because i know that the Lord has placed me here for a reason. Everyday that i wake up, i feel that i am where i am suppose to be! But today, a great amount of scholarship money was sent in for me and it made me so happy because, i just knew in my little mind that i would be receiving a refund check back today. To make a long story short, i did not receive that refund check, they actually told me that i still had a balance! O did i almost cry!!!! Yes i did...
And this is when the devil tries to shake your foundation...
He began to implant thoughts in my mind such as "Just transfer already", "Maybe you won't be able to go on your mission trip to Africa" "Forget about a car!".... and every other thought! And it hurt bad, i wanted to just sit and cry, but then i remembered what Joyce had said! It's in the wilderness that the trying times come! So i rebuked Satan in the name of Jesus Christ and i walked knowing that the Lord has already planned out my every step, and my every move. And while sitting her at my desk, he took me to Psalm 62:6 that reads " He alone is my rock and my salvation: he is my fortress: I will not be shaken" AND THAT HAS BROUGHT ME TRUE JOY!!!! My finances will fail me, friends, family and school will fail me, but what i do know, is that i have a father who will be unchanging, never abandoning and positioned! My father is my stability:)

Day 1 of training!

Hmmm.... Lord teach me how to see out of your eyes and not my own natural ones. Its different being here. Its different being a missionary living out of a hotel. Its different being surrounded by people who are not living in shanty homes. Wow Lord I  am having a hard time. Jesus please help me see this place as a ripe harvest. I have been very selfish, thinking of my uncomfortableness. My desires. My my my my. I repent father. Please change me this very moment. In Jesus name, I choose to rejoice in being here! Help me find my place in you. In this ministry. I love you father, and my desire is to serve you anywhere, anytime! I continue to say yes :)

O the Red state!

Ehhhh Canada! Now time to find something to eat :)
... Wow the US dollar means nothing anymore :(

First Stop: cleveland airport!

Hello Hopkins airport! Thank you Lord for your safety thus far!

I recommend Jesus!

I recommend Jesus for those lonely times, that dose that's needed when pain steps in, that Armour that is needed to stand against the darts of the evil one. I recommend Jesus when the world walks out :) When it seems like the cares of the world begin to overtake you.
       Jesus :) I'm feeling like the cares of this world are beginning to pull at the peace that you so freely give. But i know your word says that if I keep my eyes on you, you will keep me in perfect peace. You know what? I feel as though the enemy is tempting me to almost react the way the world does!!!! But you have called me to be slow in speaking, quick in listening and slow in reacting... I will take your lesson :) Thank you Lord for Peace...

Lord, I will trust in you to provide ALL my needs! Thank you Lord!


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