Grace and Love to All people: Even homosexuals

So it's come down to this! I'm more ashamed to share of this than anything else. It's been a total 180.

Lord, I don't know where prejudices come from. I don't know where the stem of distaste originates from.... But I can see the process.

Since you have saved me, began your work of sanctification and totally revealed to me truth, I have noticed that I am prejudice, discriminatory, down right turned off by homosexuality and everything dealing with it. It's truly become a downward spiral of changes that I have experienced.

When I was in the world, I absolutely loved the sin. When you saved me, I feared to be around people still practicing homosexuality. Being saved and in love with you for nearly 5 yrs, I hate it! Why? Because its so much against you God.

Well, many people can say a sin is a sin! And I absolutely agree, but when you've practiced and dabbled in a particular sin before, God favors you by showing you how much that PARTICULAR sin He dislikes. I am not turned off by drunks. Heathens. Drug-attics. Heterosexual- sexual impurity and etc. Homosexuality on the other hand is the sin of compromise. People become home sexual because of hurts, traumas (molestation,rape), no father or mother and the such. People turn to the same sex because they are usually looking for a good feeling. To be loved. The psychological implications of this sexual fling are absolutely jaw dropping. And real to that person! But what it represent is a bounce of hurt and broken people not understanding that their not created that way, and deliverance is possible.

God! Please help me. I want to see every person as you do! Your creation. We all were lost at some point.... And God stepped in as He promised He would. What makes me thrilled though is hearing the testimony of those who have heeded His call and turned away with the help of Christ!

So my prayer is this :) that in my everyday life and as a soon to be nurse, that I may learn to interact and enjoy my time with people who are struggling with the sin of homosexuality. Because they too need the Love of God which I was so fortunate to receive! Grace and love is what I want to learn to extend! In Jesus name :)

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