The Lord is Grooming Me....

Today I sat and had an hour long conversation with a dear sister regarding where I stand in my understanding... my conviction... of truth!

See when it comes to the method of salvation, I still stand without any formula, but through Christ Jesus. Some say you must speak in tongues as evidence of having received the Holy Ghost, some say it's a confession of the heart, through the mouth... the bible says both. I shared with her that 3 years later, I still haven't been convicted by the Lord to preach salvation evidenced by tongues... And I can't until the Lord has given me the hearts pulling to proclaim it!

What I do believe:
All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God
For eternal life only comes through Jesus Christ, being God
Those who choose not to yield to the Lord and receive His grace will receive the gift of eternal death
Christ died once for All
We can have reconciliation with Him, but first we must believe that He is God and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
There is no life apart from Christ Jesus
It is His spirit that enables us to be transformed
There is no good thing with me!
Sanctification yields Holiness
.... And there are so many truths that I stand by... We need Jesus Christ!

After departing from the sister, I spoke with my mom for a little bit and wow did the Lord use her! My mother, who is trying to work on her relationship with the Lord, revealed to me that God is grooming me right in this season! He is helping me to discern what I believe! What He has revealed to me Himself :) He is grooming me for what He has called me to! A life of ministry! I am called to be a missionary, so He is preparing me to know how to respond once someone asks me How they must be saved!

Lord, I accept what you are doing! If it be your will, that everyone should speak in tongues, as a sign of their salvation, then let it be so! But if it is not, then Lord I ask that you would make it very clear to me that what I have been proclaiming is truth! That the plan of salvation is this: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son. And whosoever should believe in Him shall have everlasting life. This promise is to you and your childrens children. For anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! Water Baptism is a must! We must be baptized for the initial sign that God is at work. This is a public action that serves to symbolize dying of the old man and rising, as Christ did, to present the new man. After baptism, we begin to live a life devoted to Christ! We learn and practice repentance :) We, by the grace of God, receive different fruits of the spirit, which is a representation of growth in Christ. The bible, Our Word, is our direct voice from God himself. That is our manuscript. It tells us how we should live! Our aim is not solely to go to heaven, but to be living testimonies of the redemption of Christ! He is our life!

Lastly Lord,
Thank you for being patient with me! My prayer Lord is that you would continue to help me be disciplined in learning your Word for myself! I don't think many people agree with my disagreement regarding tongues as the completion of salvation... but between you and I, I would rather be disagreed with and wait on you than be agreed with and agree on something loosely! Salvation to me is the most important decision in anyone's life and my prayer is that it will also be the greatest! Not one of confusion! Please be clarity :) I love you so much! Thank you for this time of grooming... For i realize that I am just a babe in you!

God promised...

That out of us would flow rivers of Living Water :) I tell you... At this moment I feel as though my heart is being flooded with the love of Christ :)

What a day it has been! But the 2 highlights have been this: 
• One day someone introduced me to a man named Jesus and my life has never been the same. My walk hasn't been the same. My talk. My dead heart has been awakened and massaged and reprimanded and forgive and captivated. I never thought I could love like this, but the heart is good at mimicking. See, a shallow love is derived from evil. It's not of The Lord because it loves with Conditions. The mimicking that I have come to know and love is that which my heart has been mentored. By the love of God :) it has and is and will forever generate the heartbeat of Christ. My prayer be this, that I would be found pleasing to God! And chosen by Him as Esther was chosen by king Xerxes to be his queen :) 
• Today I received an email from my dear sister regarding all The Lord spoke to her today as she sat in the hearing of the movement of the Holy Ghost :) She stated that she asked God her creator to fill her, to allow her to speak as everyone else did :) He did not fill her.... But the first thing she received was lord from the prowling lion who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. How amazing is that... The first one on the seen to try to bring discouragement :) Why? Because its real! The work of the Holy Ghost is real :) Different in each of us but so real nonetheless. I'm sure Mary Magdalene sensed the same kind of condemnation after The Lord received her. You can't tell me Paul never heard satans remarks. But the truth is: So often their loud. Penetrating. They compliment our own insecurities. I rejoice because this sister didn't accept it but chose to make an offering to The Lord through testimony :)

   God is everything but sin and darkness.  And I don't know what my day will be like tomorrow, for I wish I could feel so in love like this every moment:) But I will take this time of encouragement to celebrate Christ and Him very much alive! Thriving. And showing himself through His children :) For there's a mist of joy spreading in these last days :) 

Lord, please let your love be our foundation! Prepare us for the days to come :)

Lover of He that is so much more worthy than I :)

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