So as i sit here today, back against the wall, i realize that the way that i live my life isn't necessarily the way everyone should live their lives. I mean there are aspects of who i am that people should follow. People should love the Lord and accept his gift. And live a life devoted to him. But no, all people shouldn't stop eating Pork, for it is my own conviction. Today a situation was bought to my eyes and the initial thing i thought to thing was, no, that's wrong, you shouldn't do that! I don't do that?
After having a, i don't know if i should call it a conversation, but more of a heated talk my spirit felt so low. Heavy, i couldn't shake it! I know you have had those days. It's just that i would have never imagined this person to do something like this, and i felt hurt. So i sat on my couch and just prayed for this person over and over again. And i think that is when the Lord stepped in and decided to heal my heart because this person decided that we should have a real conversation about what was going on instead of yelling (How respectable)... So we just talked and talked and it was at that point that the Lord revealed to me that he gives everyone there own conviction... and i never ever would have thought that.
Today was an odd day, but it all came together in the end with an explanation. No more asked questions... The Lord works in everyone differently and who am i to say what someone, who has a relationship with God, can and cannot do. They weren't sinning at all?

Lord, i just thank you, holy father, for your strength and still voice within us all. That your love is miraculous and can cut through spirit and flesh. Jesus i just pray that you would be with your body stronger than ever Lord, that your blessing would pour down upon those that you love. That your favor may represent itself in our lives. Lord, please give me peace and understanding! Jesus, you are good!

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