Great is Thy Faithfulness...

As i've been sitting on my living room couch making ringtones for my phone, I came across an old song that I use to love. I hadn't heard the song in years... maybe 2 or 3. But this song was one that I can remember countless times, and through countless hardships, God meeting me from the place of His faithfulness...
And now years later, as soon as the song begins my Spirit man jumps to the wall of my chest, stands beside my heart and says to listen and give thanks :) So I put everything away, turned the running water off and did everything else on my mental list so that I could enter into the presence of God without a divided attention!
I sat.... listened.... Cried... and praised God with a heart beating with thankfulness. My God has been so good to me. From then to now He has:

  • Delivered me from Sin
  • Allowed me to progress to yrs in my calling as a nurse
  • Brought people in an out of my life
  • Renewed my mind--- and is continuing to
  • Taken me to a new place of fellowship
  • Shielded my eyes from sin
  • Revealed to me the tactics of the enemy
  • Allowed me to witness His hand of Love in my family's life
  • Shown me His Power and Authority
Though there is so much more, I want to expound on the last point. This past week, as the Lord allowed me to minister alongside my brothers and sisters in Mexico, He gave us the grace and gift of seeing His powerful hand in action within the hearts of 622 people. My mind can't comprehend it, but even now i'm writing in the Spirit, because there's no logical understanding to belief in God's supernatural workings :) I'm in Awe. He set me, us, His children free so that we might witness Him in action. 
We are the modern day version of the Israelites when they left Egypt. They saw the enemy chasing them from behind, but when they turned around, God's faithfulness... His strong and mighty hands, had Supernaturally made a pathway for them to walk through..... 2 years ago I had no idea of how faithful God was and now.... it still amazes me that I only know the half  of it:) Great is Thy Faithfulness!


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