Sometimes writing on this thing is the only thing I can do to feel.... Lord, I need you


Day 4...
It is Only 9 in the Morning and I already have a praise!!! Hallelujah!
All week there has been someone who I just met last week or so texting me wanting to meet, but through a series of other things, i was not able until this morning!!!! At seven-ish, awoke, went to the Cafe met with her!!!! Before praying and everything, I was a bit nervous, because there are specific tests that I know are coming up, so in a way I was preparing myself for those...
Any who, as we began to talk, she explained to me her background of how she came to know and surrender to Christ! I was happy she had desired to share that with me! Then she went on to say that when she was 17 she had read in the bible about the Unpardonable Sin, and wanted to know What it Was and if she had done it!!!! To make a long story short, the Lord spoke through me in sharing with her what the bible says about denying Christ... I truly thank the Lord, because he spoke to her through his word... He spewed out verses that I don't ever remember memorizing and some of the things that he stated regarding worship and the Soul... I thank him... I thank you Lord! It was all you, I will not take your Glory.

But it was in this last part that really ministered to my spirit and spoke volumes to how I saw my own sin... At the end, she looked to me and said, "so there is no sin that can separate me from God... "And He Quoted "Romans 8:38 "neither death nor life, angels nor demons, things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any creation shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord"~ The bible says that God is a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1) But i would also assert in the time of 'need'!!!! Praise #1( More to Come)

And of Course there is more!!! THe Lord has been faithful in every single way today! Not only did we get to retake a test, we also got to use our notes, book and a partner!!!! How wonderful is that! I had a good day! Thank you Lord!


Day 3!

Thank you Lord for the continuance of Healing and Restoration!!!! I praise you for my new laid Support System!!!!


Day 2!

Lord, i am very aware that you are moving on my behalf in every aspect... Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally! Lord, I am very aware that you are moving things in the spiritual realm that even i cannot see today!!!! I will not give Satan the satisfaction of allowing anything but praise to come out of my mouth! In the midst, so many wonderful things occurred today!!!!
1. We have been given the opportunity to retake test three with open books and notes!!!!
2. Jasmine spoke and ministered tonight at His-Stories... About listening to your Voice!
3. Despite the situations going on in my room, I still can praise you because you have given my roommate and I the Spirit of Joy, all the more!
Lord, I truly just praise you Because, in all your ways you are good! You are pleasing! You are Holy! You are Love! You are others-minded! You are fealess! You are Love...

Gracious Father, I ask that you would please just continue to pour out your Holy Spirit on your people! Amen

30 Days of Praise....

Day 1!

Lord, I praise you for the Healing that you are doing within me! Lord, I am afraid and I am nervous, but i know that you are about to produce something so beautiful, so radient, so refined... So you... Lord, I ask that you would truly show me what lies in my heart!!!! So that I may give it back to you! You are my father, my Best Friend, my Mentor my Everything Lord. I know that I cannot properly go into the ministry that you have called me into until I am whole... and Healed! COMPLETELY! So I ask that you would start here... I give me you heart, my mind my self... Please take this trash and make it into your treasure. I praise you because above all else you are a God of the Heart. No one knows it like you... Search and Show Lord! I praise you!

~Heal me, O Lord, and I will be Healed. Save me and I will be Saved, for you are the one I praise!~ Jeremiah 17:14

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