O Magnify the Lord with me, Let us exalt His name together~ Psalm 34:3

     O I cannot believe the day has come. It has been two years today since I received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost!!! 2 yrs ago from today on a floor in Valencia Venezuela the Lord chose to not limit His spirit in Otisha Germany. Who am I to even be considered worthy of being one of His. The last thing I can remember before receiving the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, with evidence of speaking in an unknown tongue, was this question... "What if the Lord doesn't desire to give me His Holy Spirit? What if it's not for everyone?"....

    God gives His Spirit without limit, and that is exactly what I experienced on June 26th, 2010 @ 11:30. Tarry Long, be persistent... The word says for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be satisfied.  God's Word still remains true. The Lord has blessed me with His Spirit morning after morning. His presence is so magnificent and thinking of All that He has done in these 2 years, 24 months, 96 weeks, and 672 days is totally mind blowing. Thank you Jesus for your death, burial and Resurrection. "I will extol the Lord at All times, His praise shall continuously be on my lips"

Gracious Father, In every moment of my life I want to Honor you. As Paul says, All 
that I am I am because of All that God is. Jesus I continuously humble myself,
not picking up a righteousness of my own. Please continue to show
me how to walk upright before you. Teaching me not to
judge others actions or the way they live before you.
Humble me and I shall be humble.
This life I live is yours. My successes and failures
I give them to you. Thank you for making Beauty out of Ashes
Lord you are sovereign. O magnify your name! 
You are my strength and my fortress, in You will I trust!

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