Dry Spell

As I am waiting on you Lord I must confess that this season is seeming a bit dry. In my crying to be settled somewhere, anywhere, for good I find my heart lonely.

But I know father that I won't be here forever. So as I wait to pass this nursing test father I ask for a renewed and rejuvenated spirit. I look at you God and see what I want to be... You look at me and see who I am!

Though you have caused me to praise you for the future... if you don't mind me saying God--- I'm so ready for a season change! But even so, please prepare me daily NOW to be content in all seasons for it is your will!

I love you!

When you look back!

For some reason I feel like I'm suppose to be writing this!

At this very moment I am very discontent in this in between state. God has been Soooooo good to me in every single way. Having found me an apartment and a job even before providing my licensure, yet my heart still gets low with the unknown.

But this is what I choose to say to the future me!

Put your trust in Jesus! Not in circumstances. God wants you to be His nurse more than you do, but He also wants to teach you how to still love on Him as you wait! Wait I say, be still and know that the God that you serve is the one true God!

Next time you read this you may very well be a nurse already at Wooster Community Hospital. Take a moment to praise God for the journey!!! It was worth it... Right!!!!

God loves you and knows that your full hearts devotion is to glorify Him! Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and All these things will be added unto you! Keep trusting!


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