What a mood!

What a drastic change I sense in the atmosphere. I'm back particularly to say that God is good. Have had a few harder days, compliment to school, life and just me.... emotions :) I've been in the presence of God, and have been awfully busy at times that i've neglected His presence. But i'm here... to simply say that even when I didn't know how to be loved and hugged by my Savior, He taught me how to embrace!

Today has been a great day! Though it's only noon, i've found myself being lavished by the presence of Jesus! Do you know what that feels like? Can you remember? Or are you here to? You know that kind of lavishing that you haven't had in a long time! The kind of love that causes your emotions to be super charged. Your tear ducts sensitive. Those moments when you want to just tell the world..... because you haven't been here in a long time! 

There was a song in chapel sang called 'Here in this House'. Take a moment to listen to it below. I couldn't help by be still as God sang these words to my dry heart... "All that you need is here in this house. Mercy and Grace. Come"..... 

Lord, even when I didn't know how to knock... you ushered me in and said 'Make yourself at home'! I'm ready! Help me to stay this comfortable :)


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