It's been quite some time since i've stopped to spill out the overflow of my heart.... so i'm here. I'm here because of God's most excellent love :) I'm here to tell Him thank you. So many things have happened...
*God has deepened my relationship with Him. There are times when I feel that my love to my Savior is mediocre. That it's just surface... but then there have been times when I feel like I love Him with a love that can't go deeper. I exist because He continue to breath life into my feeble bones... and I am learning to be selflishly in love with the center of my universe! Jesus Christ, the Son of God!
*My family is still a prayer in progress. Sweet chocolate will be expecting a baby soon. So yes :) I will be an Aunt soon enough. Unfortunately she isn't married, and isn't actively walking with God at this time but He, God, is still faithful in and through her. My mom and her had a falling out the other day which resulted in more brokenness... the details could go on and on... but I thankfully have been blessed to pray for them. There will be reconciliation in Jesus name. Forgiveness will take place in Jesus name. Healing will manifest in Jesus name. God's perfect and unchanging and I know it hurts him to see His creation hurting without seeking out the cure. Jesus is the Cure!
* I've been blessed to lead a mission trip down to Mexico this summer, 2015. We have 1 preperation meeting every month. Set to leave in July. Hmmmm.... God's trip :) I'm so thankful!
*Relationally God is doing such a beautiful transformation in my heart especially with having His love for each and every single person. I knew I was broken. Yet when I cried out to Him for His help with truly cherishing relationships, He opened up my ears to listen, my mouth to edify the others and my desire to be present. God never sat up their laughing all the other times I cried before Him asking for change... rather i'd like to think He waited until I was truly sincere. And that I am :) Thank you Savior!
*Grandpa went to be with God the Father and the Son on February 4th. It was a wonderful celebration.... my goodness the gospel was presented in a way that even those who had never heard about Jesus would have been blessed! My grandfather lived such a life that was centered around Christ! Hearing and seeing that manifested in every comment and card was amazing. Lord! Thank you for Gene Morris! Grandma is well :) Learning to make it second by second. She will be traveling to Indiana tomorrow! She is so strong in you Lord :) Your strength and Grace over her in Jesus Name!
*Been worshiping at Trinity!!! O i love it so much :) God's favor is so wonderfully presented through this church and I am so blessed to get to worship there! Myself and Ashley! As well as Loryn now :) Which is another God send!!! Loryn, from Brunswick, and I have been blessed to be friends! God I thank you for her heart, and passions,... but more importantly for her prayers! As we sat in the car praying for God's perfect path I was so reminded of the bond that the Body of Christ holds in Him! She is a blessing!
*Lastly school! School is honestly the biggest test of faith and the two choices I have to make everyday is... 1) Do i trust the Lord is faithful and will continue the good work He has started? or 2) Has God led me this entire way and is now going to leave me? I tell you the truth, usually my answer to question one is yes and two is no... but I did go through a period where I honestly felt God had led me this entire way only to glorify Himself regardless of my desires. Because as I look over my college career, I have seen how God has used me, thankfully, to bless others. To love on others. To fast with others. To encourage others... and etc. I have seen God's hands so powerfully writing out my story in correlation with others. Yet, if I am honest, there are times that rise up within me that ask God 'Lord, when is it my turn? And to that He says what He has said to me so many times.. Keep following me :) Keep letting me lead you and I will mold and shape your desires into mine. Do you want my desires? Will you feed my sheep? And my answer still remains "YES". Any place, Any where, Any time.
I know that God is in control and while at times my own spirit gets nervous... His Word remains true... BE STILL, UNWAVERING, IN THE WORK OF THE LORD!
I don't know what tomorrow will hold, or after this pediatric maternity but whatever it is I have to be ok with it because I was designed and have asked to be solely used for His good pleasure!!!! Use me Lord!!! Use us for your plans!!!

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