Sweet. Blessings. From. Above.

With a heart transitioning into a season of gratitude, my entire being is captivated with God's faithfulness. Nothing about this past 11 months has seemed 'sane' rather it's felt like an emotional roller coaster..... Up the hill of trust, down the hill of doubt. Up the hill of joy, down the hill of sadness. Up the hill of sensitivity to God's presence, down the hill to the depths of loneliness.. Yet as I write presently, I feel like I am on top of the hill of gratitude.

This past weekend my sweet sister surprised me with a trip down to Mount Vernon, my second home. A place that has and will forever be an ingrained resting place... dwelling place... The land where I began to understand the Lords prevenient Grace and His Love toward me and others. It's where some of my sweet family live and on this trip I was able to experience God's love all over again! 

Some of the best moments involved:
-Car ride with my incredible sister
-Being in the presence of my sweet boss who opened her home to me and shared with me a few of her passions
-Getting to stay at an incredible inn
-Had some incredible time of fellowship with my sister as we shared all about God's goodness and faithfulness. 
-Got to visit my Trinity Worship Center, where God blessed me to worship and fellowship during my season as a student. Loved getting to just hug on all the ladies and to know their genuine touch
-Was able to go out with my mentor and her husband! The conversation was such a blessing, but the greatest blessing of all was being in their presence as they shared all that God is doing at church and in their own lives!
- Then we picked up little sis and went hiking at a waterfall that has always been the image of God's perfect creation
-Lastly was able to catch up with Alexis who in every sense of the word, is a refined fighter for the things of God! Getting to see her and listen, most likely for the last time, was a blessing to say the least
-Then we got back on the road, stopped at Denny's for some dinner and Frozen Yogurt... then we were home!

While I loved every single moment.. truly I was smiling from ear to ear, my favorite moments were the drips of God's overflowing love that He released into my heart. Over these past 11 months, being in the constant grain of serving gram, working at Marcs and the nursing review, I have seen God's unparalleled faithfulness through my finances, my physical health, my grams health, and even my mental stability... and i've praised Him for it! But this opportunity that I was given to get away, and to lay beside the still waters with God, opened up my eyes to seeing just how much, if not more, that He has also cared for my heart! 'My heart.... God isn't concerned so much about how I feel?' was a statement of the past! Because in this mini retreat God has shown me His intimate arm of love, wrapped around my heart, massaging, renewing, repairing and caressing all of the damaged areas. God has cared for me in every single way... yet above all else He has renewed my hope in Him and for His will. 

I could go on and on and on.. but I want to end with this: God is close to the brokenhearted!Psalm 34:18

He has been with me every moment... collecting my tears and storing them for such a time as this! Where I get to reap the harvest of seeing His goodness! I see you Lord :) And I love you! 

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