Ezekiel was told by the Lord, while standing in the valley of dry bones, that he had the power, in the Name of the Holy Spirit, to awaken those bones. To reform them with all of their tendons, to begin the blood to circulate through, to make flesh cover them. The Lord told Ezekiel to tell the dry bones that he would put breath within them and they will come to life. And that is exactly what he did. (Ezekiel 37)

Today in my quiet time, the Lord reminded me that i have the ability to renew dead things. For the longest, i have felt dead. I have friends and people that i know here who just need the breath of the Lord.
I prayed over my self today, in the name of Jesus, that my spirit would be renewed and these dead tired bones would come to life. I prayed knowing that the Lord would do so and that is exactly what he did. But it doesn't stop there.... It is the devil that comes to kill, the Lord will never give you a spirit that is incompetent of calling out his name. The Lord is gracious in all that he does and seeks for us to have intimacy with him. It is because of him, his name, his dying on the cross that i give him praise!
Sometimes i feel as though i run two steps closer to God then 2 steps back... But i know that with those two steps back the Lord only draws closer to me. James 4:8.
Father i love you. And event though satan wants me to stop asking you to give me strength, i will anyhow, because i know that if i come to my father, you will not give me a serpent, but you will give me what i need! Father I need you. Not just everyday, but every Second. Lord you are my first true love!

Father, i come to you, my provider, my victorious father, i thank you for never leaving or forsaking you, my hope is found in you! Amen.

Time to STOP!

Hmmm, It's been quite a long time! I've been caught up in school, work and everything else that Satan uses to take our attention away from our father.
How have i been? Truthfully!
I have been great! Being memorized by the Lords greatest gifts everyday! Waking up with all five sense, and still forgiven. I am back!
It's a rainy day here though! Nothing really exciting here in OH!
School, it's something that i have to constantly be praying about!
Friends... well i actually have a new best friend! All of my life, i have prayed that i may be blessed with someone that i can have a David and Johnathan relationship with! Someone i could tell everyone to, and the Lord has blessed me with that on August 17th! My life has changed with having her in my life and i smile, even now, just thinking about how much i love her!
Family!!!!! There all doing well!
My relationship with the Lord: This past Sunday, my pastor spoke on positioning yourself in an area where you can hear the voice of God and know that it is him! That is something that i have desired for so long! So, i will be getting more in tune with my church ministry's and everything! But until then, i am here and the Lord is nurturing my heart! I have to continue to tell myself that, just because i am here at school and not in Africa yet, that it doesn't mean that i still. That i should be spreading the Gospel where ever i go! So, what i want to learn is just how to share the gospel!

Dear Lord, I love you. I thank you for who you are and not what i have. I know that my words can be a bit repetitive many times, but my heart says thank you my father! For without you, there wouldn't be a me! Amen

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