Big Decisions!

As I sit here I realize that in a few hours my entire life is about to change. 3...2....1..... time to make the decision to trust Jesus even more. Faith... please overcome this nercousness. This fear. Faith arise.

Tomorrow morning I have my first nursing job interview here in Cleveland. On Tuesday I have another interview in Wooster Ohio. My heart needs to trust that God, my savior, will reveal His desires.

Lord I'm willing to go wherever you please! I love you and I'm going to follow you to the ends of the earth!

All for a bath!

So! Today I placed a reservation on a hostel room nearby. A place to get away! Just God and I :) Still a bit nervous at the thought of going to someones home but knowing that God would protect me... I chose the wise route! A woman named Nancy and her husband reserve out their upstairs for anyone looking for a short term stay! So.... I asked her if she would meet me at one of the nearby coffee houses!

So I wait and wait as the minutes creep by slowly for 4:30 when she would be arriving! Yet all I can think of is this.... there are 2 things in life that paralyze the stressors that I take upon myself! 2 times when I find myself at complete rest... The first is in nature! At the beach! Somewhere in tangible presence of God-made creation! And the other..... during a bubble bath! With candles lit, worship music on! Silence as my muscles detense and I get to soak in the presence of my God! It's reviving I tell ya!

Then Nancy walks in! I stand up, we greet, grab some coffee (And my stomach had started to growl at this point, so I grabbed myself a chicken sandwhich) and we begin to talk! I can't begin to express how much peace washed over me as she answered the one question I had been waiting to ask.... "Do you believe in Jesus?"............................... Her response "Yes I do, I have been walking with the Lord since I was 19". Truly in this moment I felt like I had met my long lost sister!

We laughed, shared parts of our testimony and became more and more excited about all that God is doing! But here is just a little cherry on the top.... I use to attend an internship called the Honor Academy in Garden Valley Texas! Nancy use to attend mission trainings at that exact same place when it was owned by Keith Green! Little pieces of God's master plan :)

And guess what.... I still get my bath! See ya soon bubbles!

I accepted it!

After having a pretty rough start to my morning I gave in and decided that enough.... was enough. These past few weeks have been draining, stressful, yet full of God's beautifully designed moments of peace! And today was a day that I sensed His presence even more.

Journaling wasn't enough. Scripture just seemed like reading. Yet God's inner peace called me to bow down. Instance of peace number one. As I sat on my face before Him I sensed my shoulders relaxing, my breathing and heart rate decreasing and scripture coming to memory.... "He makes me to lie down beside green pastures.... He leads me besides still waters. He was giving me rest! And I accepted it :)


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