Give Me Jesus

Today I made a foolish decision. Today I spent close to an hour looking through countless numbers of some of my sisters in Christ pictures on instagram and facebook. I wanted to check and see how they were. To recall some of the what has become distant memories. And what began with joy and celebration with the latest and greatest news turned into sadness, tears and heartache.
     These women, whom I once sat in the same worship services with, whom I fasted with weekly, some of who I traveled the world with... we are now worlds apart. Some married. Some traveling but all still following the Lord! We all started at the same place... learning how to love God.
     But honestly, I feel like my life has... has been at a standstill. I haven't been able to do most of the things that they've done. Yet even as I write this the song 'Give Me Jesus' just came on. And that was my prayer some 5 years ago. Give me Jesus... that's all that I want. He is All that i need. So while my heart still feels heavy, Lord I say to you there is no other place I would rather be than right here in my loving presence! You are my success story :)


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