Someone posed the question today... Why does God love us? Is it because He is 'using us' for His glory? Or  because He has to? Why does He love us? (And to add on to it all... are we worth it?)

Proceeding this conversation, the thought remained within my spirit... A song rose up within me until I found myself singing sweet melodies of all the ways He loves us. But when all was said and done, when all of my earthly lyrics had no vocabulary word to fill in the blanks.... He looked down to me and said "I love you because my image is with you. That's all I see!

    Thank you Lord for ceasing my inquisitive mind with truth! Your love doesn't focus on my sinful nature, nor overlook it.... You cleanse me :) I pray that I can continually please you.... not to earn your love, because You are Love but to let my life serve as a gift back to you :) My life for the Gospel!

Your Beloved!

Just a Temporary Set-Back...

I have gone through a temporary set-back.... but why does it have to hurt so bad? Why does failure present itself in signs of shame, scents of insecurity... Lord, I am hurting. And while your Joy sustains me, I have to share with you that I don't feel emotionally stable.

I thank you for this life! For your Favor and Mercy... It has truly been my saving Grace, but could you Lord please help ease the pain? And as I say that, in the same breath I ask that you would extend the way that I feel that I may be taught. I know my failing was not happenstance... I know that me being held back wasn't just because :) I believe it with my whole heart, mind and soul!

During the summer you told me to Glorify You and in due time you would exalt me.... Lord! I'm trying to glorify you with me whole heart, but it seems the more I seek to serve you by serving others..... the more I love on you... the More I seek to deny myself, the more days I have that are touched with this plague of shame. I'm not sure what to do but to continue to praise you.... So with my mouth I say this!!! God, I recognize pain is meant to bring us closer to you.... Here I am :)

Please help me to recognize the lessons in this journey as you present them!

Lesson 1:
I am experiencing a set back so that I may learn how to sympathize with others who to feel shameful or like failures! (Please help me to speak into their lives)

My Dear Father,
While I am sensitive, please continue to speak to me. While I myself struggle please help me to help others. Now and always I will give you Glory! Hallelujah :) I love you more!

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